He has taken up many projects in Meerut and other parts of Western Uttar Pradesh related to history of the region as well as sites linked to the Uprising of 1857, environmental issues as well as issues related to agriculture.

History & Culture of West UP.

The book in two volumes was released on the 14th of June, 2016, by Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Culture and Tourism + Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, at the office of Ministry of Tourism, No.1 Parliament Street, New Delhi.

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He has published books on various aspects of history as well as articles in various reputed journals and magazines through a writing carrier spanning more than 15 years.


He is an avid traveller, having travelled through nearly all corners of India since 1985. In all these years he has been documenting his travels through photography and writings


Dr. Vandana Shiva was in the city where a program was organised by her organisation Navdanya to promote organic farming and launch a nationwide program for the protection of indigenous seeds...


A number of temples were built by king Avantivarman (AD 855- 883), the larger of these is a Vaishnava temple on the banks of river Jhelum (called Vitasta in the Rig Veda).


He has been a practicing radiologist since 1995, at present he is working exclusively in the fields of imaging related to gastroenterology, nephrology and urology.

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Article:-Indian mutiny: Remembering farmers who fought British rule

Publication - BBC

Indian soldiers, known as sepoys, set off a rebellion against the British rule in 1857, often referred to as the first war of independence. Ordinary farmers took up arms to support them in the fight against the British, but their contribution has been largely forgotten. A group of researchers is now trying to revive their memory, writes Sunaina Kumar.Read More

Article:-Meerut Cantonment and the War of Independence, 1857

Publication - Journal of the United Service Institution of India

The region of Meerut came under British rule in 1803 after the treaty of Surji - Anjungaon between the British and the Marathas. Thus began a new chapter in the history of Meerut which transformed this region forever through the establishment of one of the largest cantonments of the subcontinent Read More...

Article:-On the 160th Anniversary of the 1857 Uprising, Meet the Meerut Historian Keeping the Story Alive

Publication - The Wire Online Magazine

Meerut would have done a fine job of burying any evidence of the pivotal role it played in the first war of independence – were it not for the constant exertions of Amit Pathak, a historian from the city Read More...

Article:-When the Dead Speak: Hidden Stories of 1857 From Ground in Meerut

Publication - News 18

Meerut: The year was 1857 and it was past 5 pm at Meerut’s Sadar Bazaar. Just like any other day, British men were in the market to buy beer to beat the harsh Meerut heat. Very soon, a large group of Sepoys marched towards the Bazaar, and started beating the British with their bare hands.Read More

Article:-Breaking News: First Bulletin on 1857 Uprising Reached London a Month Later

Publication - News 18

New Delhi: For those shopping at Meerut’s Sadar Bazar, the evening of May 10, 1857, began like any other. Britons were milling around shops in the sweltering North Indian heat when a group of Sepoys (soldiers) swarmed the market.Read More...

Article:-The Great Upsurge of 1857: Historical sites in Meerut Cantonment

Publication - National Defence Review

Old Cemetery on the Golf Course: Oldest existing monument of Meerut Cantt and was in use between the year of its establishment and 1810. In the 19th century it was known as the Portuguese Cemetery with a Greek grave having been reported existing in it in 1898, Read More


Collection of Old Newsprints

He has one of the largest collections of old 19thy century newspapers, including the Illustrated London News, including nearly all the newspapers covering news of the Uprising of 1857.


Collection of Old Postcards

He has been collecting old postcards of Meerut, Delhi and adjoining parts of the country for a number of years. These postcards were printed in Europe from photographs taken by travelers in various parts...


Recording Memories on 1857, village Panchli

On 29th July, 2017, attended a program at village Panchli. It was the first village to be attacked by the colonial forces in the Uprising of 1857.